Diffusing pipe×Diffuser =Double diffuser ultra micro bubble full aeration

About the product

Ultra micro bubbles come through the aeration tank, enabling a even agitation without the rotational flow and thus, half of original air flow supply.
Air flow supplier can be smaller, and energy saving.
The ultra micro bubbles will have more contacting surface and time, it gives twice the oxygen and dissolution efficiency.


1) Great operation efficiency
Bubbles produced are smaller by porous P.P. sintered resin material
2) Less clogging
Equipped with a float type check valve, preventing back flow when blower stops.
3) Less motor pressure
Less pressure loss.
4) Corrosion resistant
The plastic under the main part prevents rusting.
5) Adjustable mounting piece size
The original caliber is 1 centimeter, but with an adjusting socket, a 3/4 inch can also be mounted.
6) Mounting direction
Upward mounting makes the operation easier.
7) Features
More oxygen supply efficiency with smaller bubbles from diffuser pipes in addition to the same normal size bubble.


Type HD-130 HD-130
Outer dimention Dome type 130Φ×190H Dome type 130Φ×190H
Average pore size 20μ 150μ
Porosity 40~41 50~51
Average bubble size 2~10Φ
Foaming surface size 500㎠ 500㎠
Air flow rate 50~150ℓ/M 200~300ℓ/M
Product weight 510g 520g
Foaming part material P.P P.P
Main part material P.P. resin P.P. resin
Oxygen dissolution rate 15~20% 10~15%
Pressure loss Without orifice100Aq Without orifice50Aq