Jet diffuser


1) High efficiency operation.
Equipped with a flow type or weight type check valve.

2) Air is diffused in a spiral flow, creating a wider range of smaller bubbles and increasing oxygen efficiency rates.
The pore grooves are curved.

3) Reduced burden on the blower.
Prevents clogging.

4) Suitable for aeration tanks as well.
Different from existing diffusers.

5) Saves maintenance costs.
Semi-permanently usable, with easy maintenance procedures.

(6)6) When used upwards
Weight type check valve available.


Usage : Treatment and management of sewage, wastewater, and manure, as well as other diffusing usages.


Installation diameter 20A 25A
deal air volume 200~300ℓ/min
Material P.P. resin
Installation direction Downwards
Outer diameter 200Φ
Product weight 310g