Diffuser pipe ・Purasutoron

Product explanation

Sewage water (sewage treatment facilities, factory wastewater, septic tanks, grease traps, river water treatment)


Based on our long experience, we have designed products with fine molding techniques, which combine particles and powders for equal air bubble distribution.
Pores are equally placed so there is barely any pressure loss.
With less pressure loss, there is less motor pressure, leading to energy conservation.
The particles themselves even have micropores, making air diffusion even and preventing clogging from long term use.
The material is P.P., durable and shock resistant.
The product is very lightweight, easy for carrying and mounting.
For cleaning, it is best to flush it with a reverse flow, using a weak acid (20-30%).
Our achievements include national and international industrial wastewater and sewage treatment plants.


Depending on purposes, float-type check valves and various jet diffusers, and half-diffusers are also available. Please consult us with any inquiries.

●Standard air flow rate  *Standard size of Purasutoron, and diffuser pipes with holders

Type Outer diameter x inner diameter x length (mm) Number of products Total length (mm) Standard air flow rate (ℓ/M) Total weight (g)
HW-500 70×55×500 4 1070 480~640 2600
SW-500 70×55×500 2 1085 240~360 1250
W-500 70×55×500 2 1070 240~360 1250
HW-250 70×55×500 4 570 240~360 1640
SW-250 70×55×500 2 570 120~180 770
S-500 70×55×500 1 560 120~180 670
S-250 70×55×500 1 310 60~90 450
Pipe only 30×18×300 1 300 30~50 70
OS-500 70×60×500 1 560 140~200 750
●Size of joint pipe for Purasutoron

※30×18×300 can be used for W and L type.