Super Farm

About the product

Super Farm was specially invented as an aeration diffuser for wastewater treatment plants in the farming industry, which need to treat high sludge with BOD.


1) Special features The structure diffuses air from air holes at high pressure, which prevents clogging.

2) Corrosion resistant Made from P.P. resin with high chemical resistant performances, and the metal parts are rust-free stainless steel.

3) Adjustable mounting direction The mounting part diameter is 25A (1"), but by using an adjusting socket or bush, 20A (3/4")、32A (5/4") parts can also be mounted.

4) How to mount the piece For downward mounting, the float ball inside will prevent reverse flow.
For upward mounting, the weight ball inside will prevent reverse flow.


Mounting part diameter 25A (1") Outer diameter 150Φ×180H
Ideal air volume 200~300ℓ/分 Product weight 230g
Material P.P. resin Oxygen dissolving efficiency 8-12% (At 4 meter water depth)
Mounting direction Upward and downward both possible Pressure loss 500~600Aq (Air volume 2~300ℓ/min)