1)The material is wave-molded resin. The whole structure's surface is in contact with the wastewater, producing highly-efficient purification.
2) The stand and nest filtering medium is built-on-the-spot, making it easy to transport and build.
3) The basic product is for 8 cubic meters, and also comes with the stand and aeration equipment. This allows for cleaning, as well as easy design and integration.
4) The product is set up so that all the wastewater comes in contact with the nest contact media. The loose bottom allows for flexibility and more effective purification.
5) The jet diffuser on the bottom is equipped with a patented float catch, which prevents any clogging or pressure on the motor from reverse flow when not in use.


Sewage treatment, industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater, water purification for rivers, lakes and marshes, livestock waste treatment, rotary filtering for aquaculture tanks, pre-treatment for drinking water, recycled wastewater and more.